Our Story

Inspired by Australian vistas, the unique colours of our land and seascapes, and the heritage of our story tellers.

Daniel is a proud Bardi – Nyul Nyul man with a passion for art and for his heritage. His family comes from the Bardi-Jawi Oorany and Nyull Nyull Karajarri in Australia’s Kimberly region.

“I draw on various landscapes and tribal stories to put life and meaning into some of the pieces we create.”

The History

The History of Concrete Creations

Concrete Creations was born from an idea, a story, a conversation in 2014. From a small shed, we decided to create designer products out of concrete, with a focus on up-cycling and recycling of goods, inclusive of but not limited to commonly sourced waste streams. With little more than some good ideas and a great deal of enthusiasm, we embarked on an innovation based process to provide clients with something not commercially available in the Cairns regional market.

Our small team includes Daniel, Jess and our three rescue dogs. Together we have formed a unique concrete workshop and creative space in Tropical North Queensland. Daniel is an artist, innovator and self-taught craftsman, who thrives on pushing the boundaries of what is considered possible with concrete.

The journey has not been without its tribulations, but much has been gained along the way. To be creating each and every day and writing our own story in this amazing region of Australia is the greatest of all rewards. We have many friends to thank for encouragement, inspiration, support and hands on help!

We love what we do and take tremendous pride in delivering pieces whose aesthetic beauty can be appreciated for a lifetime. Every item we manufacture is unique, individual and handmade. As a business we are firmly committed to helping first nation persons obtain opportunities where none previously existed.

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